PHOTO: Paige Stodtmeister

Paige Stodtmeister

Paige Stodtmeister was awarded the Madeline A. Naegle Scholarship. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Brigham Young University. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree with an emphasis in Psychiatric/Mental Health from the University of Utah.

Mental health has been a central focus of Paige’s life since she was a child. She was raised in a home surrounded by several with mental health challenges. From a young age, she understood the power mental health has on your physical, emotional, occupational, and social wellbeing. She was particularly inspired by her brother, Garrett, who is on the Autism Spectrum. He continues to be a source of motivation for her as she progresses along her career path.

Her goal as a future nurse practitioner is to promote holistic healing through a focus on mental health. Specifically, she plans to provide treatment for children and adolescents in rural communities. She plans to use her fluent Spanish speaking ability to provide culturally sensitive care to clients who are non-English speakers. Her mission in life is to empower individuals with mental illness to learn resilience and foster healing within themselves.

After gaining several years of experience in nursing, Paige plans to pay it forward and teach undergraduate and graduate level nurses. She hopes to instill her passion for the healer’s art among a future generation of nurses, holding space for them to realize they can make a difference in their own right.

In addition, Paige is constantly searching for ways to give back in her community. She is the founder and director of Creative Connections, an expressive art program for teenagers in the Juvenile Justice System. She is also a member of the Utah Board of Juvenile Justice, promoting programs in the state that support this population. She volunteers weekly at a community center in rural Utah and works alongside youth, coaching them in principles of emotional resilience. And lastly, she is currently working on a research study with an aim to promote social needs services among individuals in Utah.

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